HAB A Moment Presents INEA Awards 2020

The very first International Nepalese Excellence Award is set to take place in Aldershot – UK in January. The event by HAB A MOMENT will celebrate, reward and acknowledge the Nepalese people and groups active in the UK.

The award will bring together Nepalese youtubers, media personnel, change makers, singers, actors, businesses and more. The INEA Awards will take place on 11th January, 2020 at the Empire Hall, Aldershot. With the event being the first of its kinds in a number of years, the organisers have tried their best to include as many individuals in the nominees… so don’t be surprised to see a long list in each category.

A jury selection along with the core HAB A MOMENT team are working collaboratively to make the award transparent and genuine. The current long list of nominees will soon be shortlisted on the basis of jury vote and voting poll on Facebook.

For more information about the event, follow HAB A MOMENT on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out some categories below:

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