Home Automation Nepal Readies For 10th Anniversary

The journey for Home Automation Nepal has been one complete with challenges, power-cuts, awareness building and a lot of consultation. It’s something that many business owners who have persevered the last decade can relate to. The company with a mission to introduce living smart and smart homes in Nepal will turn 10 next month.

With rapid improvement in access to technology and power supply, more Nepalis are going digital and using smart devices. In theory, the 10th year of Home Automation Nepal beckons a new chapter for the company as it finds more familiarity and a market that’s looking to make living more convenient and secure.

I caught up with the founder Keyur Krishna Shrestha to talk about the journey of Home Automation Nepal so far.

What prompted you to establish the company back in August 2009?

KEYUR: I learnt about the concept of smart homes right after I finished my engineering. The idea of being able to program your home and also control it from your mobile phones fascinated me. Shortly after, I was able to convince one of the industrialists to install the system in his house. Impulsively, I registered the company to proceed. It was almost like a trial and error project for me and I learnt from it a lot.

Home Automation Nepal, seems like quite a modern concept for many in Nepal – how easy or difficult has it been to entice people with Home Automation Nepal products?

KEYUR: It has been a challenging journey. At least for the first five years. Lack of awareness is what troubled us. Also in the initial years or as early as 2014-15, the 16 hour long power cuts played havoc. The internet was not stable either. It was a lot of leg work,  educating and consulting the early adopters. It still is to some degree today.

As the company works with a range of clients, what’s a memorable feedback that you have received?

KEYUR: Yes exactly. We deliver different values to different needs and requirements. Over all it delights us to learn that our solutions has made their experience more secure, convenient and enjoyable. It is our service that we are mostly commended on.

What are the ongoing challenges for Home Automation Nepal?

KEYUR: We are now expanding within and outside the Kathmandu valley. Excellent before and after sales support is what we are determined to pass on to our growing network. It is one thing to create a demand but another to meet it. It is very challenging and we are working to improve every day.

I’ve observed that the company has various sales and offers running at different times of the year. How responsive are people to such promotional offers?

KEYUR: The response from social media has surprised me immensely. We get a lot of enquiries from people of different age groups. Some send us their architectural floor plans of their new homes while some show up at our door steps to buy the on going offers.

For small families or friends living together in flats or rented rooms in the capital, what are some of the products that you think would be ideal for such space?

KEYUR: Security is always the main priority. So without being too fancy I genuinely recommend that every household has a fire alarm system in their kitchen to start with. Never take fire accidents for granted.

What’s your favourite product that you use from Home Automation Nepal?

KEYUR: Smart plug is the most affordable and user friendly device that instantly lets you automate your existing home appliances. It is the gateway to your smart home journey.

Different people are bringing different brands, encouraging ideas and innovation along the way – how has the journey been for Home Automation Nepal to bring these different brands to Nepal and promote them at different retail outlets/outside of Kathmandu?

KEYUR: We have just begun to offer our products and solutions at the leading e-commerce platforms. Very soon, we are also going to have our presence in leading lifestyle stores in and out of the valley.

What’s in the immediate pipeline for Home Automation Nepal?

KEYUR: Its awareness, awareness, awareness and also prepare ourselves to supply to the demand we create. As we celebrate a milestone next month, we will be offering very attractive discounts and deals. 

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