Prasanna Stars In Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) Video!

U=U: The Bathtub by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (Canada) stars Prasanna and Addie. The short video lightly communicates to viewers about the current realities of living with HIV. U=U, means udetectable means untransmittable.

To put it simply, when a person living with HIV is effectively on treatment and has an undetectable viral load, there is zero risk of HIV being transmitted through sex. Times have changed.

Keep your health in check! Get tested, know your status and if you are HIV positive then seek treatment. The video starring the half Nepali model is a cute and campy way of talking about HIV and sexual health.

PS. Nice job by the team! There’s much fear and stigma around HIV and sadly people treat those that are open about their status horribly. We need to continue creating content, sharing stories of people living with HIV to make it normal. You can live a healthy and happy live, with HIV. We also need to be more open and encourage people to look after their sexual health. Well done to Prasanna and Addie for agreeing to be part of this important video.

Learn more about HIV and Nepal – click here!

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