London Boyz Crew To Host A Party At Club KTM!

The LONDON BOYZ CREW also known as LBC, will be hosting their next party at Club KTM on April 6th! The event titled “Party n Bullshit” will have the very familiar DJ S KAZI on the beats from 10PM till 4AM in the morning. Their tagline is a cheeky one! “A good Sunday starts from Saturday night” – that definitely made me chuckle. What a way to lure people aye!

With it’s central location in Harrow, Club KTM is definitely worth heading to on April 6th after your social dinner and drinks. Tickets for the party are only £10 each with VIP ticket at £20! We love to take our Nepali timing game far but make sure you get there by 1AM as the bouncer certainly won’t be keeping up with the Nepali timing.

LBC’s last event Good Times All Night was captured by Kiran Gurung Photography – you can see it on the post. Looks fun! Head over to LBC_UK on Instagram to see more!

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Lex Limbu
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