Shristi Shrestha Stuns In Black Lehenga From Pulchowk 3

The lavish social media rollout of the Enigma campaign by Pulchowk 3 featuring Shristi Shrestha took us by surprise yesterday. Luckily for us, the dream team are at it again and todays’ photo shares look equally mesmerising if not more. I have to say – this black lehenga looks incredible! There’s so much beauty in these stills. I am in awe of this entire shoot. 

Also, I may be more drawn to these set of photos because of the black lehenga. I believe black lehengas are not common… well I certainly haven’t seen people rocking them in the recent weddings I’ve been to via Instagram stories. I definitely think this team needs to create more. A visual shoot would be incredible, with poetry, background music… wah!

MUSE: Shristi Shrestha

Astik Sherchan’s PULCHOWK 3

Photographer: @Flawsome_Pictures (IG)

Hair & MakeUp/Styling: Sakil Kunwar

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