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Shristi Shrestha Stuns In Black Lehenga From Pulchowk 3

The lavish social media rollout of the Enigma campaign by Pulchowk 3 featuring Shristi Shrestha took us by surprise yesterday. Luckily for us, the dream team are at it again and todays'...

Shristi Shrestha Is Pulchowk 3’s Enigma

This new collaboration looks like a dream! Shristi Shrestha plays a mysterious entity in Astik Sherchan's PULCHOWK 3 campaign ENIGMA. Shot by Flawsome Pictures, Shrestha looks stunning in the Pulchowk 3 wear. The...

Aastha Pokharel As Shailaputri For Pulchowk3

Pulchowk3's latest 'Shailaputri' featuring Aastha Pokharel as the daughter of Himalaya features a delicate collection of bespoke bridal and evening wear. Aastha Pokharel and her ethereal beauty compliments the exquisitely detailed clothing...

Pulchowk3 at KHADI Nepal Fashion Show 2016

KHADI - NEPAL, a special fashion show was organised on Sunday December 19 as part of the India-Nepal Folk Crafts Festival 2016. Khadi is a term for handspun cloth usually woven from...

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