The Kathmandu Airport Experience That You Do Not Want

Pepper Paudel saying “What’s your selfie station going to do after a bloody painful ride and two hours worthless bloody wait?” AND then having to queue up again to leave the Tribhuvan International Airport is my highlight of this epic Hell in Heaven vlog. Miss Paudel unleashed her fierce side as she took the camera to share the Kathmandu airport ordeal.

Experiences like this will be hugely disastrous for the morale of travellers arriving into the airport for the very first time. People with special needs and access will find this chaos even worse – and think about families with young children too. Like Pepper said, this may have been a one-off or maybe it was unfortunate for her to arrive at a busy time BUT people who work at the airport should be better prepared for busy periods. If they atleast sign-post people well, give service with a smile and get things moving – regardless of the pace – I am sure people will be somewhat okay… but there’s very little sense of order and we can see that by the video.

With the ambitious Visit Nepal 2020 campaign unfolding right before our eyes, we all know that our facilities in the country need a huge overhaul. Sadly… this is Nepal and I don’t even know what else to say after. It’s super sad because we know how crap the airport and such facilities are, we expect little and then when the authorities do the most basic like clean the toilets or get a clean carpet – we celebrate it. It’s a weird circle of celebrating the smallest changes…

Anyways’ I just hope Pepper has more LIT times in Nepal after this ORDEAL. 4 HOURS. IS. NOT. A. JOKE.

PS. There are so many incredible creative people who produce amazing content right from Nepal and then you get that super tacky Selfie Station. lol.

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