What Will The Nepal Government Ban Next?

Recently, Nepal banned porn and now an internet game by the name of PUBG has joined the ban. The online multiplayer game has been banned with the reason that the “game was having a negative effect on the behaviour” of young people. I’ve never played PUBG but I strongly feel that the steps that are being taken is something that should make everyone uncomfortable!

With these steps and the recent bill that vowed to bring more censorship in social media use in Nepal, it’s shocking that there has not been an outrage on a bigger scale! Let’s not forget the viral song ‘Lootna Sake Loot‘ by Pashupati Sharma which mysteriously disappeared (the official version). We need to ask out loud – what will be next!! What is next to disappear, be deleted or banned!

Some people’s inability to cope with an online game does not mean the solution is to ban the game in particular. Majority of the things that are available for us to consume, watch or read may be harmful to us but the answer is not to live through life by simply banning it.

My face is that gif of a person just looking very confused and quickly shaking my head. Like REALLY? The negative impact that games MAY have on people is not something I am encouraging but I would like to state that – it has always been there. Whether you played Nintendo, Play Station 4 or XBOX, there have always been stories and challenges but the solution is not to BAN things. We have lots of unhealthy sweets and drinks sold everyday – should we start banning them. Actually, let’s not give ideas.

Those of us who believe in the right to access information and share freely need to realise that this clearly is not all that they will ban. Think, what will the Nepal government ban next?


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