When Swastima Khadka Danced In MG RODAIMA

Swastima Khadka rocks a few traditional wears in the new song MG RODAIMA filmed in Sikkim for the film Hajar Juni Samma. The actress is accompanied by Salon Basnet and Akhilesh Pradhan in the MG RODAIMA video.

Having heard of MG ROAD through friends in the past, I recently stumbled across an Instagram post of Swastima Khadka where she shared that the song MG RODAIMA was coming soon. In the photo above she’s seen wearing the traditional jewellery worn by Limbu women. The background dancers are seen in a complete traditional Limbu women look – which got my attention and I had been waiting for this song. I am impressed that the film team managed to get quite a chunk of MG ROAD sectioned off for filming. It looks impressive and the vocals by Melina Rai and Rajan Raj is faultless.

The song is good… now I’ll have to nervously wait for the trailer. Nepali films usher in a few minutes of disappointment with the trailer these days so let’s hope for the best.

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