Samriddhi Rai Shares Ma Dami Chu Music Video!

I got to the end of listening to Ma Dami Chu by Samriddhi Rai and thought, she’s an all-out feel good singer. The songs that she has released so far all have that air of optimism and it radiates love! They’re simply warm! I thought back to her debut Biswas and that was the ultimate feel good number. Even Ma Chahi Nepali was such a good number – though it did court diverse opinions, you cannot take the music behind away from the song.

Samriddhi is supported by a dance crew consisting of Jenisha, Aarti, Bunu, Karuna, Deepika, Kanchan, Aashma, Aakriti and Anusha and they breezily dance along Karma Coffee in Jhamsikhel, Tribhuvan University basketball court to… I am assuming the jungles near TU. It’s a super chilled out number with the video work by Jholey and Anish.

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Lex Limbu
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