DANFE: The Start-Ups That Came After The Eartquake

As we reach the four year mark of the Nepal earthquake 2015, I want to bring a focus to one out of the many businesses that started after the earthquake. DANFE started as a project. It simply started with the aim of focusing on the livelihood of marginalised girls affected by the earthquake and grew to become a social enterprise.

The local Nepal made brand takes pride in empowering and employing Nepali women from vulnerable backgrounds and over the time period of three years, Danfe has been able to provide skill-based training to over 100 young women from Kavre, Makwanpur, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa and Kathmandu.

The Faces of Danfe

The social enterprise states that they have generated a sum of $52,000 USD in their endowment fund and currently have a team of six women working at the Danfe Production while six lead the tailoring shop in their own community. Danfe employs over 30 people. The clothing brand recently launched their Red Panda childrens apparel line.

PS. From dresses, pants, shirts to bags – they’ve got it all. They’re also able to create custom products for corporates, groups and individuals.


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