Nattu Opens Up About Being A Lesbian Woman

The Ma Dherai Maya Garchu singer Nattu spoke candidly about being a lesbian woman and the challenges that she has faced from her very own friends. Labelling herself a “privileged gay”, Nattu shared to VMAG’s Oshin about her coming out and the incredible support that she has received from her parents from day one.

In between the light chats, Nattu shared that she has felt more empowered to take an active role in the lesbian community and will be releasing some work to better inform and generate awareness.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last few minutes of the interview here. I’ve always felt that Nattu was and is a person who could use her level of public appeal to spread so much more and actively use her voice and for her to start that is definitely a gift to the LGBTIQ community. I hope she continues with this over the years, regardless of her being in Nepal or Australia.

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