TRAILER: Britain’s Lonely Gurkhas By Sarala Thapa

Sarala Thapa shared the trailer of Britain’s Lonely Gurkhas through her YouTube channel today. The well known media personality spent an ample amount of time with Gurkha veterans in the Rushmoor area to understand their lifestyle and thoughts about their life in the UK. Apart from being a familiar face within the UK Nepali community, Sarala has the experience of being a voice of BFBS Gurkha Radio and is well known from her YouTube vlog series Nepali Village Life.

You can visit her YouTube page for more authentic updates of Nepal or Nepalis in the UK. While she has not given any release dates for Britain’s Lonely Gurkhas, we can expect it soon! I believe it’s a given that the documentary film will divide the opinions of viewers.

I look forward to Sarala’s new venture! Eagerly waiting!

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Lex Limbu
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