PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Subi!

Meet SUBI! The dance student is sporting one of four PRIDE NEPAL Tees by Metaphor x lexlimbu. The design by Square Studios takes us on a journey to the plains of Nepal with an elephant splashing the PRIDE colours whilst decorated inside a patterned dial.


Whats your name?

Subikchhya Gurung aka ’Nepsubii’

@nepsubii_dance (Instagram)

How would you identify yourself?


What does love mean to you?

I define love as an intense human experience, where we find that special someone whom we can share an unspoken bond with, whilst embracing them (for who they are) and supporting them unconditionally.

Love is not something we explain. It is felt within. The warmth of love can make anything possible, even make you fall in love with yourself and everyone and everything around you.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

Pride in my opinion is the bravery felt by a human being in achieving the choices that has shaped their life. Pride is the feeling that an individual feels which comes from within- derived from self respect. People can be satisfied with their own achievements and can take pride in something good that they have done. Pride, in my opinion, is holding ones head high whether in a community of friendship or society and feeling self-worth. Being part of the LGBTIQ community has helped me find pride, which now I believe is the feeling an individual gets when their sexuality has not been kept a secret but rather the individual feels proud of embracing their sexuality, whether it’s straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian and openly expresses them.

What or who has helped you to be yourself?

There are some close friends that have supported me throughout this journey, most importantly, my brother. However, I must signify that my parents are still adjusting to this whole new idea.

Any last comments?

I feel so lucky to be part of the LGBTIQ community. Although, I am quite new and discovering my journey slowly, I have had many opportunities including meeting new individuals who are also part of the wider LGBTIQ communities. 



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