Periods, Fertility, Myths – NARI PAILA, A Game That Talks About It All

NARI PAILA, the mobile game was launched recently by National Health Education Information and Communication Centre (NHEICC) in collaboration with the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), Georgetown University under the USAID funded Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) project. The game is available for free download on Anroid-based cell phones. The games provide correct information on menstrual health, fertility, myths and side effect concerns related to family planning and challenges negative social norms.

In spite of advancement in education and health services in Nepal, fertility awareness is low and topics such as menstruation remains a taboo. There are many myths and misinformation prevalent in the Nepalese society that affects the health of men and women of reproductive age. Targeting adolescents between 12 to 25 years old, Nari Paila Mobile Games consist of 4 individual games: MoHiM – menstrual hygiene management, Cycle – menstruation and fertility, Surprise – son preference (how the sex of baby is determined), and Mythbusters – misconceptions associated with Family Planning Methods, that seek to provide key information to players through interactive game play.

In the games, a multi-generational family makes decisions related to these topics. Along the way, players interact with characters from Nepali folklore, thanks to the guidance of the family goat “Bakhri” who is trying to correct the myths spread by the “Yeti”.


Increase Awareness: Provide facts and dispel myths about menstrual hygiene management, fertility awareness, son preference and family planning among adolescents.

Break Social Stigma and Barriers: Provide adolescents with credible information about sexual and reproductive health topics that may be taboo in the society and promote dialogue.

Encourage Game-changers: Encourage adolescents to make informed choices and in turn, become Game-changers and promote social change.

Download the game and play in English and Nepali through the Google Play Store!


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