What Are People Saying About Home Automation Nepal?

In the recent few weeks, Home Automation Nepal announced a sale on several items and launched their partnership with Sasto Deal and Daraz! The goods from the smart company will be much easier for people to purchase through these online shopping sites. One question remains unanswered – what are people saying about Home Automation Nepal?

Working in an environment that has a risk of fire and having experienced one before, ST Custom Guitars recently installed the smart fire alarm device in their workshop and they say “This device can be controlled via an app on your mobile that is connected wirelessly to a router which is able to control 100+ other smart home devices. Being able to get a status update on your phone while you are away is a HUGE sense of security”. With a huge number of studios and workshop/factories across the city, they very much recommend this device to fellow companies.

Saurabh Jyoti, Managing Director of the Jyoti Group has shared that he has been using the Automated Lights and Blinds from Home Automation Nepal for over a year now. Jyoti shares “I’m very happy with their products as well as their prompt after sales service”. 

The products from Home Automation Nepal not only fit the conventional home but can also be extended to large scale hotel properties, offices and housing estates. The company has made their presence felt in various housing communities that have recently popped up in the capital.

For Kush Kumar Joshi, being aware of what’s happening in his personal space is something that the smart appliances from Home Automation Nepal help him keep tabs on. He highlights the ease of application and the mobile use of the devices as the winning factors behind using Home Automation Nepal products.

As we push towards a smarter, efficient, cleaner and safer living, many may be hesitant with adopting smart technologies. Dipesh Kunwar places an emphasis on it being a “fairly new system in Nepal” but adds “it’s worth the effort… with your phone, now you can do things you could only imagine”.

The company offers reliable technological advice and installation assistance. They’re on a mission to make all homes a smarter living experience and will be able to help you each step of the way.

Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Home Automation Nepal. #Sponsored #Ads

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