Paramita Rana Goes Pop Music With QUEEN!

Paramita Rana may have burst into the scene as a model but she’s making sure that she’s here to stay and is remembered for more than just her sashay! From jumping along the hills and dishing out the dialogues, Rana has already been part of several Nepali films and countless music videos of other singers and groups. With her song QUEEN, Paramita takes a stance encouraging listeners to be a Queen instead of aspiring to look like a Barbie!

Let’s agree with the fact that Paramita is looking stunning – whether she’s a barbie or a Queen, we get that Paramita is a young woman who is telling us that she’s in control and she very much has the crown firmly placed. I mean, just watch her hand crown at the very end of the music video. Smart.

Queen has been written by her long-time friend and singer Piroo with the direction and production by Shike! The choreography sequence with the dancers at the end is nice. It really puts Paramita out here as our very own Nepali pop star. I am getting Ariana Grande vibe! I’m totally here for it!

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