Additional Security With Video Door-Phone From Home Automation Nepal

Video door-phone is a tool that is helping households with additional security and bringing in a new level of convenience. With some homes having the main gate a considerable distance away or the main door being several floors below, the video door-phone also known as video intercom is a device that can be installed in any homes which enables the person indoors to see who is actually buzzing the door outside!

You control the system. You decide if you want to engage in a conversation, open the door or simply ignore the buzzer. It’s that easy and of course, you get to see who exactly is waiting outside. Home Automation Nepal offers video door phones with devices starting at Nrs 14,500. The company offers video door-phones across several brands including Godrej, Orvibo and HikVision. This device is ideal for multi-storey building, seniors and I would say housewives – but not exclusively to only these groups of people but to everyone really. To be secure is important and we should always double check before we open the door.

The different brands on offer provide unique features with certain products enabling homeowners to view who’s outside the door or gate on the go! It’s a mobile world after all. Home Automation Nepal also offers technological advice and installation assistance. The company that are on a mission to make homes a smart living experience are determined to make the installation a smooth experience as well.


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