Tracing Nepal Reunion Celebrates Five Years

The Tracing Nepal Global Reunion took place in Reading on Saturday, 6th July at The Roseate with thirty team members from UK, USA, Hong Kong, Germany and Belgium from 2014 to 2018. The unique travel experience which opens up annually for Nepalis living outside of Nepal began as a one-off experience in 2014. Since 2014, the experience has grown to welcome over 50 people as team members are taken on trips to Taplejung, Tanahun, Sindhupalchowk, Ilam, Chitwan, Godawari and more.

The reunion afternoon saw the group engage in a brief ice breaker activity in the form of human bingo followed by speaker sessions from Ajay Bhujel (2015), Merina Phagami (2017) and Poson Gurung (2018). The speakers shared about their Tracing Nepal experience, their take on it and gave a glimpse into their life since. The session was followed by dinner at the Namaste Kitchen in Reading.

Various Tracing Nepal year groups coordinated their own trips with groups visiting Amsterdam, hosting BBQs and taking friends from outside of the UK to experience the Nepali nightlife in Aldershot (UK). This years reunion celebrates Tracing Nepal’s fifth anniversary. The previous reunion took place in Oxford – UK in January 2017.

Due to the grand reunion this year, Tracing Nepal will not be organising any experiences in Nepal. However, exciting announcements will soon be coming for the year 2020. Keep an eye out!

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