Video of LGBTIQ Flash Mob From Kathmandu

Dubbed Nepal’s first LGBTIQ flash mob, a group of people identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans had been practising for yesterdays event for the past few weeks. The dance took place at the stunning Bouddhanath Stupa, a World Heritage Site on Saturday afternoon with a good number of general public watching intently.

This year has been super special with the amount of queer and LGBTIQ action that we are seeing on media, through small groups and also our participation with other mainstream events. Everyone involved in yesterdays flash mob should be proud of themselves for showing up, dancing and being visible in front of everyone. That takes courage. Thanks for capturing and sharing the video RBT Nepal. Watching this entire video made me super happy and well done to the ones who led, managed and made the key things happen as well.

The Kathmandu Post, national daily covered the LGBTIQ flash mob story generously this morning. This is such a bonus. Unsurprisingly, we’ve seen a lot of attention on gay, lesbian and trans couples from various youtube channels and the way they position certain questions to the couples are done in a very distasteful manner. I hope that those of us who participate in such interviews think twice before sharing details of our personal lives and question the purpose and intent of the interviewers as well.

While some may view yesterdays flashmob and think – yes you’re gay, so what – I hope you take some time to understand why occasions and dates such as PRIDE, LGBTIQ Parade and awareness sessions are so important. It’s a space where those who are part of this community get to meet one another, find support systems – not feel alone – as well as us seizing the opportunity to get that visibility that so many of us lack!

Our celebration and work continues! This Friday 16th August sees the LGBTIQ Parade taking place in Kathmandu. The oldest LGBTIQ event in Nepal was created by Blue Diamond Society and marked on Gai Jatra to remember LGBTIQ friends who passed away. The day will also see the release of Priyanka Karki and Shristi Shrestha webseries Just Another Love Story on YouTube!

So much to look forward to! Don’t forget to watch the flashmob 🙂 


Pahaar by Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sun Sathiya (Hindi Song)

Nail, Hairs, Heels, Hips by Todrick

LGBT by CupcakKe

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