Taplejung Society UK Hosts Career Talk in Canterbury

Three young Nepalese adults shared about their higher education experience and pursuing a career in the UK at a career talk event by Taplejung Society UK. Speaker Dr Supriya Rai began by sharing her journey studying medicine and gave a glimpse into her life as a newly qualified doctor. Dr Rai’s determination to study medicine took her to Bulgaria where she spent a number of years studying the subject. Sabina Limbu, whose family hails from Taplejung in Eastern Nepal informed young students and parents about life as a Human Resource professional. Limbu frankly shared that she never had a concrete plan or an idea of what she would be doing and emphasised to listeners that it’s completely normal if you don’t know what you want to do.

The final speaker for the event was Lisha Siwa. Siwa spoke about the education climate when she was approaching university and how students lacked access to information in 15+ years ago with social media and the internet still being relatively new. The London based management consultant spoke about the different aspects of her identity and what being a British Nepalese woman living in the UK means to her.

The talk event took place at the ChomChom Restaurant in Cantebury city centre. With the support of the Canterbury Nepalese Community, the event saw a good number of participation and positive feedback.

On a personal note, I believe such events where parents and young people are brought together needs to be encouraged and continued. These events may invite opinions that different parties may not agree with but a healthy discussion is something that we need to cultivate. We will do our best to continue this talk event in other Nepali populated areas of the country and hope that the host community are able to join in, showcase their support and be part of the conversation.

The Talk

TSUK Executive Committee

Dr Supriya Rai

Sabina Limbu

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