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The Priyanka Karki and Shristi Shrestha YouTube webseries is finally here! The first episode of Just Another Love Story premiered on the video streaming site on 15th September. The actress initially wanted to release the first web episode on 16th August to coincide with the LGBTIQ Parade in Kathmandu. Though the show did not meet its initial release date, Priyanka surprised many when she appeared at the Rainbow Concert at the LGBT Parade in Tundikhel to talk about Just Another Love Story. The actress expressed that the webseries is a gift to the LGBTIQ+ community.

The webseries has created quite a lot of conversation in various circles surrounding its casting, the Sajjan Raj Vaidya song Pahar and having two beautiful women star playing lovers… many shut Just Another Love Story down even before any of the visuals surfaced online.

Having watch the first episode of JALS, I must say that it feels super normal and sweet. Nepali actresses are often seen on the big screen speaking in dialects and using word that some probably have never uttered in their lives whereas in the first episode of JALS, I watched 13 minutes of the most natural acting I’ve seen Priyanka and Shristi do in a long time. They’re largely playing themselves, as the young adult who loves to go out, craves a bit of attention and enjoys just being free.

The first episode ‘Just Friends’ has racked up over 200,000 views in just three days with thousands of likes and positive comments. I am super glad to see that because, let’s be honest, I was worried about how the show would be received. The show has been written by Priyanka’s friend Shan Basnet and directed by herself. In the JALS team are Shradha Maskey and Kirtii Joshi for hair and make-up, styling by Rajshree RL Rana and Ayushman DS Joshi in director of photography.

I’m looking forward to the second episode now!

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  1. Kindly keep posting the episodes of just another love story on YouTube or if there’s any other way of subscribing to the series, kindly inform

  2. Hi,

    I want to congratulate you in this beautiful love story . It means a lot to all of women that have been through something similar… I love the Characters and love love the episodes. I have seen them more than 10 times…

    Much success

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