Pradeep Lama Gives Acting A Go With SPLIT PERSONALITY

Showing us that he’s capable of THE MOST, is the man from The Next dance group! Pradeep Lama trades his dance moves for some serious acting in the new short film Split Personality. Lama who is often seen dancing with his group plays himself torn between personalities.

I really appreciate how through this short-film, the team are on a mission to educate viewers about something that not many may be aware about. So kudos to the people behind this idea! And I think Pradeep’s done a pretty good job too. I wonder what’s next – singing? 😉

So a little brief about multiple personality disorder as shared from the team, read below:

Multiple personality disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID): Multiple personality disorder is a mental abnormality and coping mechanism resulting from extreme, inescapable trauma generally suffered at a young age. The developing brain will respond to traumatic events or exercises (such as extreme physical or sexual abuse) by creating alternate ‘personalities’ within one’s mind. These personalities develop as a coping mechanism for the young brain, as both an escape for an individual and a comfort in times of need. DID is just a response from the brain to trauma but not something to be feared. A person with multiple personality disorder has unfortunately suffered, and needed to be less alone at the most difficult times in their life. Their condition is due to their pain, and very simple intrinsic need for company and comfort. 

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