Studying Media Practice for Development and Social Change, Pooja is a feminist and raises her voice against sexism and misogyny. For her masters’ dissertation, she chose to do a photography project called Unladylike, which is her imagination of strong and independent women who are shattering patriarchy in pieces.

The photography project is about challenging the social norms about how women should act in a society, especially in South Asian society. There are numerous rules and regulations for women to police how they should behave. The motive of the photography project is to make people uncomfortable by portraying images which are not ladylike. The project takes a radical and rebellious viewpoint by showcasing images of South Asian women not following the norms such as spreading their legs while sitting, not doing the household chores, having male friends, and so on. The project has an aspect of awareness regarding women being in control of their own behavior and creating their own norms.

The captions supporting the photos bring so much to what we’re seeing. Simple but strong enough. Great project! 

PS. The names of the people have been changed for project.

  • Let me bleed: Shila is spreading her legs to let the metaphorical menstruation flow naturally.

  • “Bad Woman”: Shila is in a bathtub where she is reading a book and smoking her cigarette.

  • In your face: Shila is in the kitchen, sitting by the sink and throws her cleaning gloves to the camera.

  • “Bra” I said it.: Shila is wearing a sleeveless top which shows her bra straps and a blurred bra is hanging in the background.

  • Slutty?: Rina is looking straight into the camera with a face full of makeup and jewelry.

  • My guy!: Rina is casually hanging out with her male friend, Ranjit.

  • Is this hair enough?: Rupa is posing with her hands up in the air, showing her armpit hair.

  • Hold my Saree: Anju and Shila are posing with their legs wide open whilst wearing a traditional attire, Saree but with bras.

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