Sanna Gurung Talks Pregnancy, Peoples Comments And The Big Reveal

She’s a prolific content creator who comes to life on Instagram (also YouTube). hii.sanna also known as Sanna Gurung makes living look really fun and works hard to create the content that we double-tap on our daily scroll. The petite young lady surprised many followers recently with a baby bump reveal on Instagram (the original photo has now been archived). She followed the photo reveal with a IGTV video sharing about her pregnancy. The video has over 51,000 views. Pregnancy attracts people.
Having a public account means that you’re only seconds away from reading comments that question or challenge your life or choices. Unsurprisingly, the comment section of Sanna’s IGTV video and baby bump photos have taken life in its own forms. Strangers were forming comment-friendship in a bid to find out who the identity of the father, some are asked her when she got married? The young influencer has always spoken with sass and power, unafraid of controlling her own narrative and once again, she finds herself navigating the murky waters of social media as followers and strangers pile on the question about marriage, father and the do’s and don’t.
I was one of the many who didn’t quite make it on Sanna’s “close friends” list and was totally surprised when I saw the first baby bump reveal photo! For a second, I thought she was promoting a maternity line and it took a while for me to realise that she had a real baby bump (I thought it was a fake baby bump to promote a maternity line – and I was thinking – this is such a bad move Sanna lol). Lo’ and behold – it was all real.  

Instagram: hii.sanna

I thought to myself – damn this girl is so badass. I knew what type of questions would come her way but didn’t realise how much of it would. A young woman embracing her pregnancy publicly should not be anything out of ordinary or something we raise questions on. I’ve always admired the way she did social media and this makes me admire her even more.
On that note – I wanted her to be able to share what she’s feeling, experiencing and what she’s looking forward to! Read the Q&A with Sanna below 🙂

LEX: You’ve surprised many people with the baby bump reveal, how did you manage to keep it a secret for so long? 

SANNA: I’d say It wasn’t a secret, i just wasn’t super public about it online, however I was already posting in my “close friends” list and people in my real life knew about it, not just close people but extended friends and family too.

But if you mean by going public online – it wasn’t too difficult to keep it private. I was so excited to do a baby bump shoot that I wanted to announce only with a big tummy so that was my motivation to keep a little hush hush while I waited for my bump to grow. A silly reason it may seem, but I’m really glad I did that. I’m so happy with the approach I took in regards to sharing my pregnancy. Because at first I kept it to a very small circle which allowed me enough time to just grasp over this magical journey before allowing others opinion and judgements come my way.
LEX: Tell us your thought process and what you went through during the moment you found out you were pregnant?
SANNA: As surprising as it may sound it was actually planned. So it wasn’t unexpected or shocking to us. We were expecting, actually really anticipating this pregnancy. A little tmi but we didn’t conceive immediately so when we found out, I was super excited and happy. As for my partner he was struck when the results actually came positive, because believe me we had taken far too many tests by then, he started sweating and couldn’t speak at all. It was so funny. It wasn’t like the YouTube reaction videos at all. Glad I didn’t film one because that would have been a boring reaction, no reaction actually 😂

Instagram: hii.sanna

LEX: The response must be huge – on social media – how are you finding it? 
SANNA: Irony as it may seem, I don’t really care about social media responses that much but it’s been quite fun. Entertaining I’d say, also so nice to see people uplifting you.
LEX: Has anything about your big baby bump revelation surprised you?
SANNA: I didn’t really think about responses, so I had no expectations at all leaving no room for surprises. But it has been quite disappointing to see so many judgements and opinions from people who don’t know me, but luckily for me I don’t take social media negativity too seriously so I am able to laugh it off but I know not everyone can take it as lightly so if it hits the wrong person it could really harm them.
At the same time I also get a lot of positivity and uplifting messages which are always a great energy booster.
LEX: So many people seem to be stuck on the question of marriage, asking you how and why you are pregnant without being married – when you see such comments – what goes through your mind? 
SANNA: I honestly just laugh it off. I don’t even give a second glance to it because I can’t be bothered to entertain people who think it’s necessary to be married before having kids. I’m not encouraging it but hey, everyone’s got their own ways and values. And for me I just don’t think it’s important to wait to get married to have a baby. If you’re ready to be a parent you just are, married or not.
LEX: After the baby bump reveal, do you feel that you are being policed by your followers on what you can and cannot do and what you should be doing? 
SANNA: Omg it’s the worst. People are all up on my business like I will literally breathe and they will say omg don’t breathe, it’s not good for the baby. I mean I know all of these people are just looking out for us which is super sweet and I do really appreciate it but at the same time you can only imagine how many people are advising me and mind it, UNSOLICITED advice, which I don’t like at all.
Also every pregnancy is different so people need to understand what worked for them or didn’t work for them might not be for me. I will take advice obviously I need them but from people I genuinely want guidance from and not just random people online telling me what to or not to do.
Also apologies in advance if this offends anyone. I am pregnant right now so I can be a little too sensitive and moody. ( PERKS )
LEX: Moving away from the social media side of things – what’s the biggest challenge right now, at this moment, as your body goes through this change? 
SANNA: Luckily for me I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy, physically so far, it’s the mental part. It just surprises me even now how women can create a human being!!! Although I am making one myself, every now and then I look at my friends kids and I think Omg I cannot believe you made that. We grew up knowing pregnancy and all this is natural and science but I just can’t get over it. I feel like it’s magic. It’s a very special thing that one just cannot explain. So the challenge for me is accepting this gift of life mentally. (In a good way of course)
LEX: What are you looking forward to? Have your started thinking of names? 
SANNA:  Looking forward to everything! What my baby is gonna grow up to be, what she’s going to look like, how much of me is she going to be, to understand and to feel pure love. To give everything. I’m so so excited!!! Ecstatic is the word. Oh and haven’t thought of names yet.

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