Young UK Nepalese Discuss If “Nepali Men Are Superior To Women”

Hamro Insight has the UK Nepalese young adults discussing the weighty topic of whether Nepali men are superior to women. This makes for an ‘insight’ful viewing as you get a chance to peek into the views of young UK Nepali men and women. There are plenty of surprises in there! Surprises can be good and bad, I’ll leave it at that.

Some of us may do things for the sake of it, to not make it a big deal but there are those of us who are more likely to follow instructions and orders with a “why do we need to do this?”. For me, that is an important question and I hope that tells you a little about the person I am. A lot of the things that continue to be said within Nepalese families and traditional practices that are continued may not be be questioned by some. I also realise that for some, they choose not to question but simply ‘get on with it’. That’s their prerogative.

However, it’s important to understand the history of Hinduism when bringing things like the dhogne practice. I don’t know the history of Hinduism but from the very little I have read, I get the idea that it’s a religion that places men as a superior kind, above women. Wives are there to be of service to husbands, even the book I read recently by M.K. Gandhi said it. So, if you are directly or indirectly raised in families with loose (or strong) Hindu influence – then you pretty much have the answer right there. Majority of us are growing up in households that place sons above the daughter, with views of mothers and fathers that having a son would always be better.

Initially, I wanted to only share this video and not write any of my own views. Now that I’ve started I feel the need to continue but I will exercise self-control and stop here. It’d be endless. I will also add that there are tremendous examples of couples and individuals, continuing to practice their religion but amending it according to their principle.

If you are a mother, father, somebody who is married, and so on, let me know what you think? I realise that the views held by the young people in the video may not be relatable to many as they speak largely in the context of UK Nepalese young adults but please do share your own insight, led from experience.

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