Merging NepSocs Covid-19 Support for International Nepalese Students in UK

The challenges faced by recently arrived international students from Nepal has caught the attention of the wider Nepalese community in the UK. The Embassy of Nepal, London has given the responsibility to Merging NepSocs, an organisation established by young Nepalese professionals and students.

Merging NepSocs has announced their Covid-19 Initiative to support international students from Nepal through a helpline and a hardship fund. The group invites students who are facing challenges meeting their daily needs or those simply who need guidance in the current situation. Merging NepSocs have mentioned that they are willing to explore communication with universities regarding tuition fees.

After speaking to 150 international Nepalese students, the group identified that majority are in need of monetary support. Individuals are requested to support financially by supporting the Hardship Fund and non-financially by recommending employment opportunities and through the provisions of food vouchers from major supermarkets.

The group have collected £2000 already and if you have the capacity to support then please click here. Alternatively, if you are are an international student from Nepal to the UK and need support – then please visit complete the form here. To read more on their official website please visit

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