Varsha Thapa’s Maaya Is A Beautiful Gift

Varsha Thapa‘s Maaya is a gift for us while the world collectively fights the Covid-19 pandemic. The beautiful song is a journey, one that I will leave you to watch in your own liberty without my influencing. I am in awe of the talent that this young person has. Her voice and the songwriting has been beautifully complimented by the video making. I had missed this video and someone whatsapped me the link one evening. After watching it, I felt like I need to share it and make sure everyone sees it. Simply because, I felt so good watching it and thought it would make others feel good too.

What a powerful impact that Maaya has had on me and many others. By numbers, the video has racked up many views and great deal of thumbs up! I hope today, you discover Maaya by Varsha and – reflect, find joy and feel good.

Varsha Thapa’s new song Maaya

The New York based model has a number of songs with her band Sita Virgin available to stream on Spotify. She has actively shared progress of her musical journey through her Instagram and also offered live sessions. Enjoy Varsha’s music with Sita Virgin by clicking here.

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