YouTube Journey Starts For Banker Anil Keshary Shah

Banker Anil Keshary Shah kicked off the Nepali New Year by launching his very own YouTube channel. The Nabil Bank CEO introduced iCrafters in his first video and shared that the channel will be a hub where Shah himself will talk through “his views and vision on how each of us can craft a life map that enables us to be the very best that we can be”.

He has been quite consistent at it already! After all, I guess a lockdown, though not a sabbatical, is indeed a good time to start something new or pick up what we haven’t finished. Many students and young adults may have seen and heard his speeches across various platforms in Nepal and that is exactly what Anil Keshary brings to the table through his videos on YouTube!

I especially liked this video, “Afu bhitra ko sabbhanda ramro MA lai craft garau”. It’s something we all know that we should be doing or ought to but we don’t. Because it’s always so much easier to focus on other things than work on ourselves. The simplest advice can often be the most difficult to follow.

Well, if you’re in need and brave enough to go through a journey of self-reflection and working on you then head over to iCrafters by Anil Keshary Shah and listen AND don’t forget to start working on yourself.

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Lex Limbu
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