Nepali Film Bulbul Is Actually Pretty Good

So last night I streamed Bulbul on FopiApp (for a fee) and watched the film on my mobile, desperately trying to manage my expectation. The film has created a lot of buzz and received awards at home and overseas. The Nepali film Bulbul stars Swastima Khadka, the actor from the song Kutu Ma Kutu. Beyond that, I only know her through Instagram photos and few Nepali film music videos here and there. It’s easy to know so many Nepali actors but be clueless if someone asks you intently about their craft.

Surprisingly, Swastima Khadka delivers. She has that personality! Bulbuley? Quite witty, light-hearted and someone who perseveres in the midst of a hard reality in the drama. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her perform and be so at ease, whether that was driving a tempo or being a mother juggling multiple duties. A line that I really liked was when Khadka who plays Rana Kala in the film says “euta budha ra nani lai ta mai paldinchu ni” (or something along the lines of that).

Bulbul is a story of millions who are working hard to make ends meet, living with the hope of something better whilst feeling the void of something missing. The film could have been tightened up a bit more. After I finished Bulbul, I quickly googled the director and the other actors that complete the indie-feel film. Director Binod Paudel has quite a story himself… a Kathmandu Post feature details it all. It makes a good read.

For those who prefer larger than life story stories edging onto Disney or Dharma Productions like fairy tales, Bulbul may not be your pick. However, try it out… I am sure it’s a matter of time before the film is released officially on YouTube. I hope films like Bulbul continue to make their way to the mass. Well done to the entire team involved.

PS. This is not a promo of FopiApp!

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