#NotAnymore Campaign – Against Online Harassment

What is #NOTANYMORE Campaign?

#NotAnymore Campaign is designed to stand in solidarity against the normalization of misogyny and objectification of people online.
Comments that promote and normalise rape, use of acid on women and question people’s lifestyle and behaviour has become all too common. The comments/messages are targeted particularly to decrease morale and are not just a form of verbal abuse but as an intent to harm people. Our tendency of ignoring these heinous issues that mainly concern females is also a reason behind downplaying this particular issue as a major problem affecting many lives online and in general. Rather than fighting against these issues we see society being reluctant to even address it which gives the harassers comfort and a safe space in their anonymity. This has also helped normalize online harassment.

What the campaign aims to do?

Create social awareness, create social pressure and seek legal support by taking this to parliamentarians who have previously associated with Political Literacy for Women and new lawmakers who will be joining to add voice to the campaign.

The law that deals with cyber-crimes related in Nepal is the Electronic Transaction Act (ETA). However, we’re aware that given the vagueness in the provisions of this act, it is not sufficient to conduct necessary legal actions to convict the culprit; especially in the online harassment cases. The most law practitioners and advocates agree that the existing laws will lead to counter charge on victims because of the unclear laws.

What can you do?

Join the dialogue and share the posts with #NotAnymore hashtag. Call out the harassers – how long must women continue facing extreme comments that promote rape and violence just because they are visible! We can no longer make this a normal.

PS. The latest Hamro Insight video makes a fitting watch. It comes hot off the backlash against the Reddit Nepalese Babes page. The page may have been shutdown but that’s not to say it won’t happen again!

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