#WelcomeHomeNepal for Nepali citizens returning to the country

Thousands of Nepalese people are returning home through the several border points across Nepal-India border. The #WelcomeHomeNepal social movement strives to communicate key messages and vital information to assist during this coronavirus crisis. The campaign aims to welcome back Nepalis with respect and dignity whilst promoting messages to break stigma surrounding Covid19.

The coronavirus disproportionately impacts economically and socially marginalised families. The #WelcomeHomeNepal team are using their collective media experience and reach to provide fast-moving and effective media channel to get life-saving information to grassroots. The network have been working to distribute resources and relief to many people across the border.

The team recently shared this Self-Quarantine (above) information video for those returning from overseas. Remember, even if you haven’t been outside of Nepal… if you have any of the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus – then please self-isolate, stay at home and monitor yourself. If your situation does not improve then please seek assistance. Remember, we can all play a part in reducing the spread of the virus.

The recent video from the BlinkNow Foundation team showcases a quarantine camp in Nepal. I’ll leave the viewing to you… but for more info and signposting please visit NyaanoSwaagat.com

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