Cute Pangolin Photos From Nepal

Nepal is home to an incredible amount of wildlife and pangolins are also in that very long list. The country is home to these incredibly cute Chinese and Indian pangolin. Known in the Nepali language as ‘Salak’, the animal is reportedly found in 44 districts across the country. Sadly, it happens to be the most smuggled animal in the world!

Pangolins love, take care of their baby and carry them on the back like human beings (2009)
First live observation of a Chinese pangolin with her male baby, rolling into a tight ball which is their miraculous behaviour (2009)

Some Pangolin Facts:

  • They are very shy animals with their tongue as long (or longer) as their body!
  • An adult pangolin eats around 20,000 ants and termites in a day
  • Pangolins love to take care of their young ones, carrying babies on their backs just like humans
  • The name comes from the Malay language “pengguling”, meaning ‘one who rolls up’.
  • They are friendly, so please be nice to them and respect their space

Some of the key objectives from the first Pangolin Conservation Action Plan (2018-2022) are to secure their habitat, enhance their status in communities and increase the pangolin population in Nepal.

Pangolins are actually listed as protected species in Nepal. Killing, poaching, transporting, selling or buying them is punishable with a fine of Nrs 1 million (US$ 9,000) or jail time.

Chinese pangolin are so friendly and emotionally attached with me like pets and taking boiled chicken eggs in my hands at the roof of (UNNAMED) Center, Nepal (2011)
Pangolins love to live in natural habitat with availability of food without human encroachment (2019)

Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation (SMCRF) diligently works in Nepal to raise the profile of many animals including pangolins. Tulshi Laxmi Suwal from SMCRF shares that the Chinese and Indian pangolins in Nepal face risks from poaching, lack of public awareness, forest fires and encroachment of forest area.


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