Guest Post: Colours

Guest post by Chelsea Gurung, 13

We are not a virus.

We are not a threat.

We are not terrorists.

The colour of our skin is our identity. Discriminating the colour of your brothers and sisters is not only taking away their pride but taking away their identity. The colour of our skin contrasts how beautiful we are and nobody should be ashamed especially of their own race. The disgusting stereotypes being made towards different races is unacceptable. Asians do not have coronavirus, black people are not threats and Muslims are not terrorists.

Racial slurs are used recklessly against Black and Asian people. The words had much impact during the times when slavery thrived; the words were used to torment and dehumanise coloured people and the fact that people today use it despite knowing the dark history worries me on how our future generation will be.

The death of George Floyd the unarmed black man who was heartlessly murdered by a police officer has finally moved everyone to begin making a change in society by protesting, donating and signing petitions.

As a young person I have a wish that one day the injustice faced by people of colour goes away, that we can all be equal regardless of our colour and that those who are experiencing torture or any harm due to their colour or ethnicity go onto receiving justice. I ask you as my elders to do your part by being anti-racist and to fight for the those who continue to be targeted because of their racial background; you can help by signing petitions, donating money, challenging attitudes and by raising awareness and providing opportunities with the platform you have. Doing this much can add to the collective difference we can all make. Together we are stronger.

Love yourself for who you are. Our colour is what makes us beautiful. We need to be proud of what makes us and never be afraid to show everyone who we really are.

by Chelsea Gurung, 13 years old

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