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A lot can happen in ten years. Today, the 1st of November 2017 marks ten years since I created my very first blogpost on lexlimbu.com. The first blogpost was about Jharana Bajracharya’s...

Ek Chin with Neeraj Pun

With only a day left of this year, I look back at 2016 and I can see one figure who has stood out and grown with every post. The Nepali blogosphere may...

The Inspire Nepal Show: “Be Fearless With Your Choices & Don’t Regret It”

Hey Guys, I hope you're doing well. Shoot. How are you? I'm trying to ask 'How are you' - use that instead of 'Hope you're doing well', though they're slightly similar - one...

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Luxury Property Kavya Resort & Spa Opens in Nagarkot

The latest luxury property to open in Nagarkot is Kavya Resort and Spa! The resort offers a range of villas and spa facilities.

Nepalese Basketball League Underway In UK

The first every Nepalese Basketball League is currently underway in the UK! The league brings eight teams from across the country.