The Inspire Nepal Show: “Be Fearless With Your Choices & Don’t Regret It”

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well. Shoot. How are you? I’m trying to ask ‘How are you’ – use that instead of ‘Hope you’re doing well’, though they’re slightly similar – one really opens up and can possibly creates a good conversation. Well – a few weeks ago I sat down with the U Inspire TV team in London for an interview. The Inspire Nepal show is a YouTube show created by two Nepalese guys living in the UK – Dinesh and Amit – and till date they’ve interviewed a wide range of people from boxers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, musicians, spiritual/religious figures and now – me. Lol.

Initially I had said no as I felt I didn’t have much to talk about – current things that is. Fortunately, this time right now seems to be okay as I have quite a few fresh things to talk about – mainly Tracing Nepal. Apart from that there’s general chat about the blog, rapid fire questions which I answer too descriptively haha and in Amit’s words, some “typical U Inspire TV show questions”.

This interview, I shall best describe as raw and real. I don’t know how it is for others but there are days I struggle to find inspiration and to continue but I just do because I see it as the only way forward. I can’t guarantee that the interview will inspire you but I definitely believe it peels a layer off and gives glimpses of the person that I am.

Hope you enjoy the show!

With Amit from U Inspire TV
With Amit from U Inspire TV

PS. I didn’t realise my hair was so chipikka that day. I can’t even look at myself. hahahahah.

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