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AuroraLights Shares Debut Single EKLO CHU

His previous cover of Sabin Rai's TIMI NAI HAU made for a spectacular hearing. Sujan Gurung is back and this time he is not alone. Providing vocals for his band, AuroraLights is...

Sujan Gurung’s Impressive Cover Of Sabin Rai’s TIMI NAI HAU

Covering songs can never be easy with some artists proving to be more challenging that others. Sujan Gurung's cover of Sabin Rai's Timi Nai Hau makes for a pretty spectacular cover. That...

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Parina Limbu Wins Kamla Bhasin Award in Delhi

Parina Limbu from Nepal receives the Special Jury Award at the Kamla Bhasin Award for her work on providing livelihood opportunities to women who use drugs, women living with HIV, single mothers and domestic violence survivors.

Nepal Marks World Aids Day!

Kathmandu marked World Aids Day with a flash mob in Basantapur. World Aids Day is dedicated to raising awareness about AIDS.

Trekking Panch Pokhari Solo!

This year I decided to go on a solo trek to Panch Pokhari. Tihar had just finished and I thought it would be the...