The Jharana Bajracharya Issue

Shes an engima’
Many People wonder and ask me what it is that I see in Jharana, I dont know how to explain it to them. Its there yet i cannot express it. Its not the desire which I am obsessed with unlike others. Its the person underneath the defensive wall that i wish to learn more about.
She seems distant in her interviews, far from the seductress siren dancing on top of Sonu Nigam. She seems distant in her interviews, just like the roles in her Nepali music videos. I as a fan, will support her and many actions which she has took can be justified and will be justified.
To those who write negative comments on her videos’ i decided to speak, its about time that Nepalese people started appreciating talent rather than just criticise because even if you end up watching a crap movie for three hours, you still have to consider the hours of work that they put just for that three hours.

Jharana Bajracharya rocks’

Lex Limbu
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  1. well i have seen her videos n pictures. they were nice. most of ma frens too liked her. she’s one of da 2 nepali actresses that i know. well personally i dunno her.. but i think that she doesnt deserve to be called a hooker or sth gross..

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