DJ Tantrik – Namrata Issue

Firstly, Im not a huge fan of Namrata Shrestha. I just appreciated her work and shes a decent model for Nepal. People create society, if we as a society learn to get over these things and move on then we can overcome such problems such as these more easily so people in the future who encounter such problems do not have to go through a huge ordeal.

After hearing about the scandal I felt for her career and how it may affect it. She is a promising actress, I think if given the opportunity she can be really great in the future judging by Sano Sansar. Even in her music videos she looked very elegant and beautiful. What happened in the whole thing is up to them and its their problem but I just think it’ll be petty if this ruins both of their careers. However its very likely that she may get dogged down by this for a long time. Yet she should learn from people of the past such as Shrisha Karki and turn this around as I think she could really continue with what shes doing. Her on-screen prescense in interviews are great see (Glamour Guff on KTV). I hope she turns things around and appears on more tv ads, movies, videos and comes on top of this whole issue.

Lex Limbu
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