KFC Sales Figure are BANGING!

I knew we Nepali’s had the fatty bone in us. Within two months of opening, KFC and Pizza Hut have already become the market leader in the restaurant sector of Nepal with the highest ever monthly turnover standing at Rs 30 Million. The business of KFC and Pizza Hut stands in the ratio of 2:1, meaning daily turnover of KFC is twice that of Pizza Hut. 
  • Average daily turnover: Rs 1 million
“We have a plan to open outlets in three other parts of the Kathmandu Valley,” said Suranjan De, who looks after Operations of RJ Corp in Nepal, including KFC and Pizza Hut. He disclosed that the first of the three new outlets would be in Jawalakhel of Lalitpur district. Other two could be in New Baneshwar and Maharajgunj.

The company worked out the expansion plan given the liking shown by the Nepali consumers and problems that KFC´s sole outlet in Durbar Marg is presently facing to cater to the demand.

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