New Club in Town

Yes!! YOU read it right, brace yourself Kathmandu because in the coming weeks there’ll be one more club where you can hop to on a Friday night. I Club which is located near the popular United Colors of Benetton in Durbar Marg is set to Offcially operate from February 10.

Along with location, light and sound systems are the major USP of this club which is Stalin Sherchan’s third venture. Three round channels for the disco light have been fixed in this club with the capacity of 1,000-1,200 people.  The 3,000sq ft spacious club, which is at the heart of the city, is divided into three different areas. The white-themed sitting area is the first in the line as one enters the club. Even the speakers are colored white here.
The club promises to bring a new dimension to the nightlife of the city with strict rules to follow, better security for people and soundproof building.
All The Best! 
I hope they make some really nice toilets. Platinum is like *_*
Lex Limbu
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