Nepali Timing : Are We Born With It?

Most Nepali’s have problem with time. We always run 15+ minutes late then the agreed time. In the UK I dont come across this problem that much since everyones punctual at workplaces etc and even friends are very punctual. Besides who would want to be 15 minutes late to down a barrel of lager. However, with my Nepali friends this is a different scenario. Not a personal attack to anyone 😉 but saying lets meet at 3.30 is like saying lets meet at 5. The longest ive had to wait was for 3 hours for a friend. Believe me, I kept looking at my phone as if Id never seen it before in my entire life. In Nepal the ”Nepali Timing” scenario is taken TOO far. From hospitals, offices, airport, security checks, queues and everything that you can possibly think of, is usually running in Nepali Time; unless you’ve got contacts
Now thats a different article which I’ll save up for the future.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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