100 Days For The Constitution

Very late blog post but Nepal has 100 days to finish writing up the Constitution. The deadline date is May 28th, it wont be very good for the nation if this deadline is extended. The major political parties still find it difficult to discuss issues in an orderly manner so I just hope God, Buddha, whoever creates a miracle and everyone comes into an understanding. Maybe they can sort out the whole Nepali Army and PLA issues before writing the damn thing so it doesnt affect the peace process. 
Currently, the newly elected second time Prez Ram Baran Yadav is on his official visit to India. Few points which theyve inked upon are to increase the air capacity between India and Nepal from the current 6000 seats to 30,000 seats per week. YAY but WTF? Tribhuvan International Airport is a bit of a ”shit hole” for normal passengers like us and they want to increase it? We face enough delays, enough hassles with the baggage stuff and come on!! Why not upgrade the airport, make it all electronic and also clean the toilets once in a while. Increasing air capacity is a step towards meeting the aims of Visit Nepal 2011 but with only one runway TIA wont be able to handle all the air traffic, it currently only has the size to fit 7 jet aircrafts. Come on CAAN, use the money which the Asian Development Bank gave wisely.
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