I recieved my first WWF Action magazine today which is exclusive to WWF members. The articles not only covered issues regarding conservation of animals yet what has actually been done to help poor communities to live alongside animals and also giving them new ways to fuel their life. It was a damn good read, one of those reads where you feel like you’ve learnt something meaningful. Theres also little facts on each article. I’ll share few here.
  • Global warming may not result in warmer temperatures everywhere. It is more likely to see climate patterns change, causing more extreme weather events.
  • The number of new species discovered in the eastern Himalayas between 1998 and 2008 equates to 35 finds every year.
  • Among the new finds are three species of scorpion, one of which is the first scorpion to be found in Nepal

  • Roughly one third of the 2400km stretch of the Himalayas crosses Nepal
  • Since 1982, in Namibia numbers of elephants have doubled and giraffes increased fivefold.
  • Namibia is one of the most sparesely populated nations in the world. It has an area three times the size of the UK but a population of only two million.
To support WWF, clickhere. WWF’s new initiative to double the tiger population has been unveiled earlier this year since its estimated theres only few thousands left in the wild. Nepal has a tiger population of approx 122 and by 2022 we hope this figure increases to 244.
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