On Screen: Spring Waltz

Spring is in the air and I want to write about a Korean drama called ‘spring waltz’. Drama addicts may know this drama already but if you are a newbie and believe in skies made of soft and fluffy cotton candy go for it. I got into Korean dramas like the rest of the world and Nepalis a few years ago- since then I have been hooked.
Spring waltz stars Seo-Do Young and Han Hyo-joo. From an innocent love shared at childhood when Seo is an orphan living with Hyoo-joo’s family till losing and finding each other as adults, this love story is engaging and vibrant. 

The charming chemistry the couple share under the clear spring trees and blue skies and yellow poppy fields all come to life beautifully. There are the usual twists and turns with the second leads getting in the way but true love prevails. I feel cheesy writing about this but what can I say I believe in love!

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  1. You forgot to mention Daniel Henney in spring waltz,usually we gals watch to wtach him.It is nice one, I watched few years ago

  2. bit boring at first .but daniel choi is good and yea han yeo joo she acted in non stop korean drama! and of you are kpop fan then plus point siwon choi of super junior acted here too!

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