Kohi Mero – Movie Poster

The above picture is the poster of Kohi Mero, I love it because its aesthetically pleasing aswell as being very Nepali. I had a few comments saying that the new nepali movies have the writings in English these days etc well Alok’s team has managed to be one step ahead since Kohi Mero is headlined in Nepali. The first musical trailer is not the last since my sources tell me once the dubbing of the movie is finished there will be a proper theatrical trailer soon. The movie is going through the process of subtitling aswell :D. Check out an exclusive picture of Jharana and Aryan

If anyone has any ideas about how I can watch the movie in the UK then do drop a hint. I think buying the distribution rights from Nepal would be way expensive. Right? If your an expertise in the area then feel free to share the ideas. 
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  1. Aiich
    Big Congrat 2 u
    Heard dat u got chance to Speak wid D DIRECTO…. funny him

    Yeah the trailer of d KOHI MERO is good and the song as well…

    got some suggestion regardin the poster….
    The guy with his naked chest .,, YUuuuuCKKKK
    seriously… it looks disturbin…

    all d best bout callin Jharana ^^


  2. why do i have a feeling its gonna be very “inspired” by korean movies??

    anyways..belly fat much..

    ANYWAYS… i hope to see a fresh take in nepali movies.. and its nice to see j.bajracharya after so long.. she’s so preeettttyyy ^^

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