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written by Palomino~

Recently I watched the video ‘You know you are Nepali when’ by MrKC on YouTube. The video delivered self deprecating humour and I was able to identify things we do as Nepali people such as ‘dhokeko’ our books when we step on them and eating dal-bhat on a regular basis . What did strike me though were the questions that we ask each other, such as where is your house in Nepal? How old are you? How many A levels? What grades did you get for your GCSE’s. Although this may not be characteristic of the young but it certainly is a trait of the older generations. You go to a Nepali party and immediately you are assessed from the tip of your straightened hair to the bottom of your toe including all your academic achievements/ misdemeanours, your vocation in life and so on. I wonder at this obsession the older generation have for the need to compare their children’s grades and achievements to another child’s.

I feel it adds unnecessary pressure to children to do well academically. Although this may not be a bad thing as all individuals should strive to achieve their potential, there is so much else out there in this world apart from becoming a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Agreed professional jobs could appear to be safe financially but following one’s own heart’s desire whether it be in unconventional professions such as music or fashion or travelling the world can be equally rewarding. After all we live only once, let’s live it to the fullest.
But the caveat is that parents usually have made enormous sacrifices to educate their children. Whether it be extra tuition fees, goodies that were bought as incentives to reward us for good results or even providing us with basics like food, shelter and clothing. I feel like most Nepali parents go the extra mile to keep their children happy. So the dilemma for the child could be should I follow and do something that I enjoy? (For me it was fashion designing) or should I follow a profession that my parent’s revere (medicine)? In the end I chose a third way, a profession that I would enjoy but a profession that my parents also approved of. I was lucky there but choosing a career for yourself sometimes feels like choosing a career for your parents too.
No matter how much the modernity of the 21st century touches us with emancipation, independence , cultural diversity or wealth, at heart most of us remain the simple Nepali chora/chori wanting our parents to be happy and proud of us as we are of them.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. good one dude.

    the essence of being a nepali! *sigh*

    i agree. its all about the grades.. new year party coming up, i better start practising my lying skills.

  2. Nice article! Although I do think that us Nepalis compared to other races i.e Indians are more likely to pursue a career of our own choice.

  3. enjoyed this article ..
    im in a bit of a postion ryte atm…
    my frens will be heading to uni this year n i dun wanna go ahead with the course i chose anymore…i dunno wat to do ..i dun c myself anywhere in the future im so hopeless atm n ibe been in arguments at home a lot.,…im taking my frustration out on others which is so not the ryt thing to do but i cant help it.. argh @.@ so umm yeah basically life suks atm for me..anyone else feeling lyk SHIT ???

  4. Hi anonymous (4 April 2010 07:59)

    I have been where u have been. Changes and decisions are difficult when we are younger, especially University is a big step.And as so many events in our lives are inter-related if one thing is going wrong it may seem to affect another one and that it how everything may seem to be all falling apart.

    The thing you could do is maybe you should take a step back and breathe. How about taking a notepad and writing down, what is going wrong in my life and how to amend them. For eg, starting with if I am not going to go to uni what should I do? and u may decide to take time off education do work experience, go on holiday, work part time etc.

    Take one step at a time, life can wait for you sometimes and make the decisions that you are happy to make and the people you are taking out your frustration on may understand if u speak to them personally and tell them what is bugging u.

    Sorry if this sounded like a patronising prose but I just couldn’t help myself! I love giving people suggestions. Let me know how it goes!
    Take care

  5. hahha dear palomino.

    i was not expecting any response from anyone to be honest!
    haha but yesh thank you for thr advice…
    i am a very negative person so this easter holiday i am tryna get bak up on my feet even though im a long way away from sorting my life out atm .

    i am thinking about doing multimedia and design and maybe take a gap year and get a job and do lotsa experience..

    ill try n not think about growing up and all the responsiblity shit!

    thansk again

  6. dear anonymous
    Lol wel good to hear back from u! the weather is changing, overhead hangs clouds that look like cotton candy from the sky, the rays of sun glimmer and shine at us, its summer the radiance is spreading! the earth is alive and beautiful! we are so lucky to be alive eh! growing up can wait! we have a young summer ahead of us!

    multimedia sounds fantastic! it is such a marketable product and totally creative!!! hehe good luck

  7. thnaks a lot hahah
    tru tru cant wait for the summer when schools out forevern hehee
    n i also realised i dun have to go to just 1 uni and do 1 course at a tyme..
    so im starting to think outside the box now hehe

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