Happy Nepali New Year 2067

Every once in a while theres a party which creates a huge wave. I guess this year ‘Aunai Parcha’ has been successful in creating ‘the wave’. I along with a team of my friends attended this much talked about party and in terms of turn-out, I saw my cousins from Wales, Oxford, friends from Kent etc. Imagine Gurkha Cup but with heavy music, tipsy people and glammed up girls. The only thing I wouldve improved was the music choices, since this is to celebrate the Nepalese New Year, the Nepali’pan lacked. I think there was about two Nepali songs, Talko Pani and Resham – dont worry there werent much Hindi music played too. However, to all the organisers – Hats off to you guys! You did it .
To all my readers, Happy New Year 2067. Do join the page on facebook and later today I’ll be posting an exclusive interview with the sensation that is – Astha Tamang-Maskey. 
Pictures of Aunai Parcha below and Id like to thank Teken Limbu and Rabi Chamling Rai for allowing me to re-use the images.
”Eh Sathi Alik Bistari Nachna”

”PartyNepal na bhayeni pose garaula ni”
One of the most beautiful Nepali 
 ”Ma na ayeni tattoo aye huncha”
”Ka cha camera?”
”Chinese Whispers ho yo?”
Nirnaya in da House. *Jokes
 ”o Keti, k gareko taile?”
”wait wait, ma foto ma ayena ni”
”Ladies Man”
all smiles
Mastermind, Bhunatic and Laxcha (NepUNITY)
‘Whos the hottest?
dude with a bodyguard on the side 😉

Thank You to Teken Limbu and Rabi Chamling Rai for your dedication to carry a HEAVY camera and parade around taking pictures. 🙂

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Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Hey all party animals. Its not just about aaunai parcha… there will be some janai parne events hitting the London City. Guess which?

  2. lex bhai timro motivation to reach a goal ramro cha but don`t let other nonsense factors such as gayness, girly act etc ruin ur image infront of viewers. I hope u would soon transform ur weakness into strength…
    Wish u best bhai.

  3. keta haru sabai gay jasto,keti haru sabai lesbian jasto,akhir straight kasto ta katai dekhiye chhaina ta?k ho?k yo sabai gay ra lesbi ko matra party ho ki kyao ho,lexi bahini?

  4. Hey girls dont u feel same..showing ur own body doesnt make u popular.. dont u all ever forget that uk maa basdai maa afno nepali pahichan hatayera bidesi jasto get up garnu ta afno mumdad ko n afno samet bejat garnu ho.. hey lex bro, yo photo rakhera what u want 2 show others? bejati kti haru. esto photo rakhnu satta ta naked photo nai rakhnu ni..jhan popularity pauthyou kina na!!! wht u say?

  5. yup anynomous bro , u r rite , aba uk ma ayo bhandaima “ma ta gorini po” bhanney yo kti haru ko chala mala chai thik chaina . tyo short dress lagayera what do they want to prove . OR do they just want people to know that they are female and not kta haru . ok nani haru i got it , u luk lyk ladies from ur face so u don’t have to dress up like that . laaj bhaneko kti manche ko gahana ho , not the short dress , it is erotic n attractive but that is not what beautiful defines . ok so afai b4 garnu , hot(knob) or a gorgeous lady ??? choice iz urs .

  6. gud job motivation but khattan pic kt haru ko baru naked nai bhyeeko dekhye hunthyoo kt haru lai just 10 percent ta les thio …..alll things are goodbut tek care abt da piccha

  7. Guys before you make comments make sure who they ate . These girls in the pics are all UK Nepalese hookers from London area . A bit cheaper and dirtier than polish . You can puck them up from every party .

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