Beauty; a perspective…

By Palomino~

I take a kangyo comb my hair
Paint my lips, colour my eyes
O don’t I look just so wonderfully nice!
Appearance matters
Solemnly they swear
O you are blind just as I

I am not a stickler for fashion. I have neither the sense nor the time. Recently, a 10 year old baini said to me. ‘Didi, you need to wear nice clothes and straighten you hair’. When I enquired as to why? She quickly supplied, ‘then you can get a boyfriend’.

I know this isn’t a big deal, most children these days are mature for their age (or chippu). The well commercialised idea of appearance we see on television, films and glossy magazines about the façade of beauty has truly infiltrated into the mind of a ten year old. The word beauty too is slowly and surely changing in this world around us.

My life is not very exciting. Yet I meet all sorts of people. Witty, obscure, intelligent, dim, funny, good looking, weird looking, to be precise, the usual sort. I know I shouldn’t but I judge many of these books by their cover. But as time passes and I open and read the pages, I read between the lines, I see the beautiful handwriting, the wonky ones, the complex words and the book comes alive as an individual. This person complete with their unique personality, fallibility, weaknesses and charms are all the primal factors that I take into account when I call them beautiful.

Beauty is not just visible to the naked eye. For what one can see changes everyday. I look at a panting and think it is beautiful today, but tomorrow when someone smears ink all over it the picture changes drastically, but the beauty that remains in the picture is the artist’s hard work and vision that came before the smear. Likewise a kti can be very pretty and a kta very handsome, but if their utterances are full of bigotry and vanity or lack sensibility or knowledge, there is no beauty there at all. As they lack the very core of beauty which is personality.

Well those were my nonsensical musings. What is beauty to you? Who are the beautiful people you revere? Hmm…I realise I should probably be tackling cyber sansar’s vulgar portrayal of women and the miss nepal competition but I will need to actually do some research before I rant so watch this space!

p.s.I do love red lipstick!

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. ho i totally agree! i hab come across many with great appearence and oh boy habe i been fooled one too many tymes by those looks…
    now i try to not jump into conclusions n get my hopes up high.
    thats one way of decreasing the chances of another dissappointment and embarrasment! lol cos i tell u looks can make u do crazy things…or maybe its just moi!..dyaum..

  2. by what you said beauty and the base of primal factor- the personality– i agree but actually what comes in tht personality? who decides and how? wht one perceives differs with the other?
    for eg. i might like those who are introvert,not talking much ,lost in their own world kinda person while others might find them dumb and no-no or viceversa
    now beauty certainly lies in the beholder of eye!
    and yah will wait for yu rbeauty on the cybersansar space topic!

  3. Hoina event ko naam chahi aunai parchha re.. poster maa caucasian girl ko tasbir..ani.. music chahi lady gaga matrai..nepali geet pani 2 wota matrai..
    Hamro younger generation halat chahi sabai tira yastai rahechha.
    HK maa..bhane indian gana matrai hunchha tara ajkal chahi alik badi nepali geet haru pani sunnu payinchha..

    Hami haru ko prakriti ma kasto brikriti le chhayeko hola kunni?

    Mero kotha bata.. 😛

  4. Hi Bunu
    beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder and depends on what we like about personality I guess.
    Hmm are u into introverts who are the strong silent types ^.^?
    Ya I will be writing about the cybersansar topic just as soon as my exams are over!thanks for reading!

    Hi Hissiu
    good to hear that you are not jumping into any conclusions anymore! looks are deceptive eh!

  5. its a delight for me; gettin to read your articles aftr so long..and the thing (beyond my words to describe so its just thing for now) in ur writing havent changed so was a happy happy read for me….
    okay cumin on the topic..i cmpletely totally agree wid u on for sure isnt fair and lovely advertisemnt nor it is fair and handsome for that matter…
    the beautiful and handsome face may work for the first meeting and the second okay and what aftr that??? its alwys whts inside tht counts…ofcourse not inside clothes bt inside u as in personality…
    lukin forwrd to read more of urs…go for it

  6. i totally agree with u…
    i think what makes a person beautiful is the way they present themselves, the good things they do in life for others and happiness…:)
    the word can be given different meanings by different people…so to me…i see beauty in the beautiful people in my life…they are beautiful because i love them…because each one of them has a beautiful heart and personality…and i think thts wht remains till the end…even as u age…beauty fades…but not ur personality..
    and to me i have a very beautiful sister..
    without whom my life would be incomplete…
    i look upto her…and to me she is the most beautiful person in this world…:)))))…she can write rreally well like u…sometimes when i read her writings, my respect for hr growss…:)))..

    and my late granny…she was beautiful…she had a crystal clear heart…and tht made her truly beautiful…
    Palomino…i love ur writings…

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