Ke Garne Haina, Ke Garau

*Written by ‘LetsThinkForaChange
I have always believed that sharing is a good thing. I wanted to share a lot of things with the whole of nepal, but what we share today was in none of my list. What we share today is a big nasty question mark about tomorrow, we share the fear, the empty hollow, the road so narrow, but I believe we will get through it, together.

I am scared, to open my business, to send my son to school, to go out for a walk with my wife, to read the papers, to watch the news. I am angry and frustrated feeling my freedom being slowly caged away.

What we share today is a battlefield, I am taking solace in knowing that I dont stand alone, we share.

While, I will talk about things I feel, and things I am familiar with more, everyone is invited to share their respective views and thoughts, with a subtle language.

I have lived in Kathmandu my whole life; the inner gallis of Kathmandu. Yes, the over populated part of Kathmandu. I never saw the sunny side of having so many people, so many friends, so many relatives, neighbors living in such a close proximity till recently. We have to understand that we need to be united. And it is not so hard to do it. The easiest way to start is with a simple chat over tea or dinner, perhaps. When we all share the same fear, why not do something about it. It is ‘I’, responsible for steering Nepal away from what many see as an imminent disaster. And the first high priority is to transform ‘I’ to ‘We’.

I am not saying that we have to go ‘All-Nepal’ right away, and it is probably more than what we can chew, but what we have is all the resources we need right here for a successful anything. Unity, my friends, will lead us through anything. Nothing was started huge, everything needs time and patience. But what we do need is a start. Lets get engaged in our clubs. We have so many clubs in Kathmandu City itself. Clubs are a great way to initiate such discussions. We can go through the Wada offices actually. And this is the sunny side of having so many people that I already know so close to me all the time. Kathmanduites are, generally speaking, with more education, more understanding and the logic behind should pass through any thick skulled head.

I suppose I will stop here for now. People do not seem to read long messages. However, if you find this discussion worth having, please stop by. and forward to friends.

Lets think, for a change, shall we? (to start with)

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Bro sochai ramro cha,hami sanga guff haknay matra cha yo samaya ra jamana ma boli haina goli chalcha,hami nepali sarai chada,lazzhin,anusasanhin,sasto chau,ek bottle raksi ko laghi junai pani party ko rally ma nara ra dunga hanna ready,
    we need janga bahadur type(even tanasahi ok) to build this country,otherwise get ready to sing “jana mana ,,,,,,,Bharat”

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